Drive: WD800BB-00JHA0

Firmware: 05.01C05

We received this hard drive from a Melbourne client today who told us the hard drive was not spinning. 

Upon receipt of the drive, we were able to temporarily repair the drive so that it was spinning once more. As this drive was made in 2004, it did not surprise us that it had failed. All hard drives will fail, no matter the brand or technology, it is just a matter of when. We like to compare it to a car. The day you buy a car, it can break down 2 minutes after you leave the dealer, or it can run for 20 years without issue until the day it doesn’t. 

A hard drive is similar to this. To ensure that you are fully protected, always make sure that the data is backed up somewhere else. If you have 2 drives and one fails, you can then buy another and back up your data to the new one (thus creating 2 copies once more)

Back to the 80Gb Western Digital:

We were able to stabilise the drive for long enough to back up the firmware, and recover the most important files. Once this was done, all other files on the drive were recovered, and copied to our server. 

Data recovered

Client very happy.