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Data recovery Melbourne

Re-Source Hardware is a 100% Australian owned hard drive recovery company.

The industry over the last few years has undergone a vast expansion. Because of this, there are many “data recovery” companies popping up over Australia. These are located in in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide that offer the service of the recovery of last data and IT Support to their clients. Most carry out some work within their own premises, while others sub contract out to companies like Re-Source Hardware for their data recovery needs in Melbourne.

We here at Resource Hardware have over 10,000 drives and parts in our parts inventory and also have the resources to find other hard drives, obsolete or otherwise, quickly. With thousands of suppliers over the world, the right parts are just an email away in most cases. Even the harder drives (with little circulation) are eventually found.

The reason it is difficult to find these parts, and also why some disaster recovery companies are unable to recover from drives that we are, is that the hard drive companies change their parts sometimes every two weeks. This means that a part that is from the same make, model and and is made 2 weeks apart, may still not be appropriate to fix the drive.

So, if you have a drive that you have valuable data on and you are unable to recover it for yourself, send it to our Melbourne office for data recovery and and we will have a look at it and in most cases (if the drive has not been tampered with too much (such as opened etc), we will be able to recover the data.


(03) 9832 0999


0439 891 174


8:30am – 5:00pm


(03) 9832 0999


0439 891 174


8:30am – 5:00pm


We recover from all forms of hard drive failure. Whether you have a single drive, external  drive, RAID array or SSD hard drive, bring in the drive and we can provide you with a free quote.

RAID repair and recovery

Whether you have a RAID controller failure, or several hard drives have failed in your array.

External hard drives

We can recover from most forms of software and hardware failures on external hard drives.

Desktop hard drives

We can recover from most types of desktop hard drive failures. Software and hardware failures alike.

Laptop Hard Drives

Whether you have dropped your hard drive, or it has just given up the ghost. We can recover from most scenarios when you have major hard drive failure.

Photo Data Recovery

In the last few years, lost photo data recovery has become one of our biggest demands. When you have all your memories on a computer, and the computer dies, come to us and request a quote.

SSD Hard Drives

SSD hard drives are a different type of data recovery, with different failures. We can recover from most of these failures when your hard drives is just not working.


Over the years, we have worked for many people and companies, from data recovery companies and computer repair companies to individuals who have lost their photos. Regardless,  to us, each client is as important as the next, and we will work on your drive to the best of our abilities.  


My HDD died!!! Spoke with Damien and he said bring it in. Within 24HRS, DATA was recovered and the cost was amazing!!!
George Minas
Excellent service and very reasonably rates. Damien assisted us in recovering all the data over the Christmas period in an an efficient and timely manner. All our MYOB files were recovered which saved us from lot of complication and enabled us to process staff wages on time.

We highly recommend Re-Source Hardware for all your data recovery needs.

Rohit Singh
From the outset I was treated like a customer not an idiot that knew nothing about computers service was exceptionally prompt and efficient and reasonably priced. At all times I was kept informed of the recovery process and given upfront honest advice on how to proceed .. A 2 day turnaround for a totalled Hard Drive was exceptional. Hopefully I wont need the services of Damien and his team again but I would not hesitate in recommending them if you require help retrieving data from failed hard drives
Junction Motel, Junction Motel


We have recovered data from all types of hard drive, from a 20Mb Quantum drive to the latest SSD, and multi RAID arrays. Here are some of our stories.

Recovering data from ST2000LM007-1R8174


This hard drive was delivered to our Malvern office and was contained in a Seagate Extension Portable Drive. The client said that it was dropped and was not detecting and was making a [...]


Do you have a hard drive that has failed? Call us immediately for a free assessment.

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