If you have this drive and are having trouble detecting it, you may find our step by step troubleshooting guide for WD drives helpful.

This is a wd10jmvw-11ajgS0 from a Wd passport 1Tb hard drive. The drive was detecting as a device on the computer, but not as the proper hard drive.

It was making a slight whirring noise that was audible only when putting your ear to the drive. It was not the usual noise that it normally made.

On inspection, the hard drive was discovered to have 4 read write heads, but one of those heads was damaged. It was the first head, Head 0.

Once we were able to connect the hard drive up to our hardware, it was found to be encrypted as well.

We were able to turn off the bad read write head, and in the process, read the data from the other 3 heads.

The then rebuilt the Master File Table as it was in the non damaged head area, and recovered quite a bit of data from the hard drive.

The data we recovered was enough for the client and they were happy with the amount recovered. It was all recovered without the added costs of bringing the hard drive into the clean room environment(which we had the option of doing if necessary).