We were given a  Seagate ST2000DL003 hard drive that was from an Seagate Expansion External Drive. (P/N:9SEAN2-500.).

Our client said that the drive had been slowing down for weeks, and finally had given up the ghost one day. The drive no longer showed as a drive on windows.

On inspection of the hard drive, we found that when it spun up, the drive was making very loud, high pitched noises. As these drives do not have speakers internally, we could only assume (without opening) that there was an internal mechanical issue.

Upon further inspection, and using proprietary techniques, we were able to stabilise the drive enough so that we could get a stable read on the data. This lasted for about a minute.

After many more tweaks of the system, and our hardware, we were able to get the drive stabilised long enough to recover all of the requested data from the hard drive. As we did not have to open the drive, the client was changed our lowest hardware data recovery fee. The data was then transferred onto a 2Tb external HDD that we purchased for our client.

Once more, we have a very happy client indeed.