Do not put hard drives in the freezer. As soon as you take the drive out of the freezer,water condenses on the platters and can possibly damage your data.

Older hard drives used to work with this trick as the tolerances were not so small. When you put an old hard drive in the freezer the metal would contract and as it was thawing out it would sometimes pick up the correct track and you were able to extract your data.

This does not happen on new hard drives and more often than not you will damage the hard drive before you can even extract anything.

If you have weighed up the cost of data recovery and find that it is not worth the cost then you can do what you like with the drive, so putting it into what freezer will not matter one way or the other. If you decide later to take your hard drive to a data recovery company you will have reduced your chances of recovery.

So in short, do not put your hard drive in the freezer.