If you have this drive and are having trouble detecting it, you may find our step by step troubleshooting guide for WD drives helpful.

This hard drive was delivered to our Melbourne office, located in Malvern, in a Wd Elements external drive. (WDBU6Y0020BBK-05). Our client told us that the drive was not detecting in windows but it dismounts when trying to copy the data. The drive was dropped.

When powered up, the drive seems to be OK – sound wise, but every now and then the drive would click – not a good sign.

We were able to access the firmware on this drive after several attempts and found that some firmware modules were damaged due to the drive. Those modules were temporarily repaired in order to access the drive.

When we were able to access the drive, we found that the drive also had sector damage (physical damage) on the platters themselves.

We were able to recover around 95% of the data on the drive.  Again, the client was charged our minimum for hardware data recovery and was happy to go ahead.