Today was a public holiday in Melbourne. Early this morning received a telephone call from a company in a town two hours from Melbourne. They had a Toshiba laptop hard drive that had failed and it was vital that the information was recovered. The client was willing to drive the hard drive down to us today for assessment and recovery.

Once we receive the drive in our offices, we did a quick analysis to determine the cause of the fault.

It was ascertained that head three was not reading correctly. When reading the master file table, many errors were found within it. We were able to read enough of the master file table to access the users directory, and find the directories that the client was after. Once the correct files were found, we read the data from the other three heads quickly, and temporarily repaired the fourth head so we were able to read the remainder of the data once the first three heads have been read.

Once this had been accomplished the main directory was recovered with a minimum of errors.

Another successful recovery.