Core Business – Hard disk repair(hard drive repair) for (but not limited to) data recovery companies

Specialising in hard drive repair for data recovery companies for many years now, Re-Source Hardware has both the knowledge and expertise to fix and recover data from most hard drive (hard disk) failures.

  • Hard drive (hard disk) not detecting in BIOS
  • Hard drive (hard disk) detecting but not accessing your data
  • Hard drive (hard disk) not spinning
  • Hard drive (hard disk) clicking
  • Hard drive (hard disk) clunking
  • Hard drive (hard disk) scraping
Also, each brand of hard drive may have problems that are particular to that drive make. We are abel to perform hard drive repair and data recovery on all makes and models of hard disk

Re-Source Hardware are able to do hard disk repair and recover data from a large variety of hard disk drives that have failures resulting in your drive clicking, clunking, not spinning or not detecting in BIOS.

To request a hard disk repair (hard drive repair), go to one of the links to the left below or call (03) 9832 0999 (Australia wide) for immediate assistance:

The art of hard drive repair for data recovery

There are many theories about the best way to repair a hard drive and recover the data, but in fact, the truth is that there is no one way that is best for this type of procedure.

Years of research of data recovery techniques have been carried out on various hard drives and which is the best way to repair them. The procedures that are carried out for a Fujitsu drive are different from the ones that are used to carry out repair on a Seagate drive and vise versa.

Most of our data recovery clients call us and say that they have swapped parts from a drive of the same model and the data has not been recoverable. In fact, the problem is that while they may have been on the right track (and there are many theories out there about what are the best methods and which part goes with which), the method they used was not the right one.

We have over 10,000 drives here of all makes and models that we use for hard disk repairs and data recovery. The problem is that most drive manufacturers, in order to have a drive that is faster or more efficient than the competition, will change the specs on their drives every two weeks or so. This makes finding the right parts harder and harder as new models are released.

We have data recovery equipment here that enables us to stabilise hard drives that are not recognisable, or are clicking or clunking. We are in most instances, able to stabilise the heads of the drive and copy off the data that is accessible in the non-damaged parts. This is one reason why many of the data recovery companies within Australia come to us to repair their drives. The other is that we have such a large amount of stock on hand that it is easier for them to send the drive to us and have the data recovered in a short time than to scour the world for the right drive(only to find that they did not get the right one anyway).

Years of Experience in hard disk repair and data recovery

With over twelve years data recovery experience in repairing hard drives, there are very few situations that we have not encountered here at Re-Source Hardware. Since we concentrate solely on Hardware recoveries (and not on software recoveries), every little click, hum and buzz that might come from a non- working hard disk drive can tell us what the problem is and how to fix it in a reasonable amount of time and without wasting time on other – sometimes damaging – types of repair.