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At Re-Source Hardware, we are able to rebuild all forms of RAID for RAID data recovery (from RAID 0 to RAID 50), even if other RAID data recovery companies have failed. With many years experience rebuilding RAID configurations for the data recovery industry, Re-Source Hardware are able to rebuild almost any type of RAID and perform the data recovery .

We carry out all of our RAID data recoveries from the ground up at a sector level using the low level data.

You pay nothing if the data cannot be recovered from the RAID data recovery. All disks in the RAID array are necessary for the data recovery (whether working or not). The recovery fee is calculated on the number of physical disks in the array (not the amount of damaged drives) as each drive has The cost is calculated as $990 per disk in the total array (not including the hot spare). Larger arrays can have the costs negotiated.

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