We source obsolete hard drives from within Australia and around the world for use by data recovery companies in replacing parts such as hard to find PCBs. This helps them to recover lost files and erased or lost data.

We have thousands of high end hard drives in stock and the ability to search for those drives (in order to to recover data), that are not in our library, so the chances of finding one in the first few hours are high. If you do not get a response straight away, do not worry. Our technicians are out there searching for you so you can carry on with the recovery of your lost files for your dta recovery clients.

There are three simple steps to follow when looking for an obsolete drive.

Step 1. Determine the problem with the drive (is it clicking, clunking , scraping, not spinning or just not detecting?)

Step 2. Determine the make and model of the drive. Some other descriptors may be needed (see drive specifics to the left of this page).

Step 3. Go to the contact page and give us as much information as possible on the hard drive.

The search may take several hours or days, depending on the availability of an appropriate drive. Once a drive has been found, you will be contacted by email or telephone with instructions on how to proceed with the drive repair.