What to do when your hard drive fails.

Hard drive failures can occur at any time. We tell our clients that all hard drives that you own will fail one time or another.As long as you have at least one copy of the data contained on the hard drive you working, you should be fine. If the hard drive on which you are […]

Do not open your hard drive chamber.

Every once in awhile we will receive a hard drive that has been opened by someone.

If this someone was a reputable data recovery company then there is no issue with this. If however this person was a friend, or at another company that wanted to have a look at what was going on inside the […]

Do not put hard drives in the freezer!

Do not put hard drives in the freezer. As soon as you take the drive out of the freezer,water condenses on the platters and can possibly damage your data.

Older hard drives used to work with this trick as the tolerances were not so small. When you put an old hard drive in the freezer the […]

Data recovery from Western Digital WD20EARS-00MVWB0

We received in a drive today that was a WD20EARS.

The symptoms were that the drive was running very slowly, and the client was unable to copy any data at all.

The drive was worked on by another person for a couple of weeks, but they were only able to recover one file. It was placed in […]

We have a new website!!

The new website for Re-Source Hardware has now become live. The new site has much the same as the old one, just updated for a modern look.

It is also responsive so it can be seen on mobile devices as well.