Re-Source Hardware was developed because of the need in the Data Recovery industry for a source of obsolete hard drives.

The need for a company such as ours became apparent when working in the data recovery industry. It was found that many hard drive parts could not be found here in Australia as obsolete drives are not readily available.this made it more difficult to recover the data from corrupted hard drives and drives that had lost their information.

Data recovery companies have more to do with their time than search for parts to a hard disk drive that has not been made for several years. They are busy enough finding lost data and erased files. This is why this time consuming and sometimes fruitless task is taken out of your hands and into the hands of people that know the business and where to search..

Often companies that offer data recovery would take several weeks to find an appropriate PCB (circuit board) and when it did arrive, there was no guarantee that the data would be recoverable. Therefore a new approach had to be developed to help these companies.

Re-Source Hardware has many years experience in the field of data recovery and hard drive repair, and our manager, Damien Goode, has worked as the manager of the data recovery section of a top Australian data recovery company for five years. His role was both hands-on as a technician and as advisor to clients when they had lost their data. He also led the data recovery team in developing new and improved ways of recovering data from all types of disks and operating system.

The company’s experience and expertise in the field of PCBs and Data Recovery is extensive, so, if you are after a drive, submit the details to us and let us do the rest. If you have any questions at all about any other matter regarding PCBs or drive repair, please feel free to email us using the contact page