Data recovery costs from $250


(03 ) 9832 0999.

Urgent recovery times: 12 hours to 2 weeks. (average 2 days)

When sending in a drive, download our authorisation form, and pack the drive in at least 2 inches of bubble wrap and a large box.(Aust Post B x 1 box)

Our advantage:

  • 18 years in the data recovery industry.
  • 12 years recovering data for data recovery companies -most of the top ten data recovery companies have sent us work they are unable to do in the past)
  • Flat fee data recovery – no hidden costs.

Specialising in hard drive repair (hard disk) for data recovery companies (and end users requiring data to be recovered) within Australia, Re-Source Hardware combines the skills and the knowledge to repair and perform data recovery on almost all kinds of hard drive in most situations:

Is the hard drive:

  • not detecting in BIOS
  • detecting but not accessing your data
  • not spinning
  • clicking.
  • clunking.
  • scraping.

Recover Data is a specialist for RAID, NAS and SAN rebuilding in order to find the data or rebuild partitions that have been lost due to reformatting, failure of a hard disk, or partial rebuild/upgrade of the system.

With ten years experience in this field, Re-Source Hardware is arguably one of the formost experts in RAID and NAS recovery in Australia. Many companies (including data recovery companies) send their RAIDs to us in the secure knowledge that if the data cannot be retrieved, there will be no costs.

If you have a drive that is not accessing and you need to find lost files, whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin (or any other part of Australia for that matter) , go to our “Repair drive type” page for your particular drive, or contact us on the number below.

Sourcing hard drive parts to recover lost files

Based in Melbourne, but servicing the whole of Australia, Re-Source Hardware is also the premium source for Data Recovery Companies (Melbourne and Australia wide) to find obsolete hard drives and PCBs in Australia. We also temporarily repair a wide range of hard drive with problems ranging from system area problems to bad sectors.

We repair and perform recovery of lost data on all types of hard drive and specialise in the repair of hard drives. Although we do perform some software recoveries for companies and individuals that are looking at getting data recovered from a hard disk drive, we particularly specialise in hard disk drive repair and hardware recovery.

Data recovery techniques

The technique of recovering data from any type of media can take as little as a few hours to a few weeks. Depending on the state of the hardware, our IT support team are able to successfully recover the lost or deleted files from the faulty media as quickly as possible and return the data to you quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions at all regarding the processes involved (within reason) and/or the probability of success, we recommend that you contact one of our staff immediately on the number below and you will find that they will be able to assess the situation over the telephone as best they can (without looking at the drive, it is hard to make a complete assessment).

Re-Source Hardware is a 100% Australian owned company.

The industry over the last few years has undergone a vast expansion. There are many companies popping up over Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide that offer the service of the recovery of last data and IT Support to their clients. Most carry out some work within their own premises, while others sub contract out to companies like Re-Source Hardware.

We here at Resource Hardware have over 10,000 drives and parts in our parts inventory and also have the resources to find other hard drives, obsolete or otherwise, quickly. With thousands of suppliers over the world, the right parts are just an email away in most cases. Even the harder drives (with little circulation) are eventually found.

The reason it is difficult to find these parts, and also why some disaster recovery companies are unable to recover from drives that we are, is that the hard drive companies change their parts sometimes every two weeks. This means that a part that is from the same make, model and and is made 2 weeks apart, may still not be appropriate to fix the drive.

So, if you have a drive that you have valuable data on and you are unable to recover it for yourself, send it and and we will have a look at it and in most cases (if the drive has not been tampered with too much (such as opened etc), we will be able to recover the data.